experiential Education

When I was a freshman at Hartwick College, I became a member of an experiential learning community called the Living Learning Center. We created our own learning experiences and became intimately involved in the various ways of knowledge acquisition and assimilation. The Living Learning Center strongly reinforced the notion that one's life can be deeply touched through experiential education; that knowledge is not to be acquired to simply move from grade to grade, but to enrich one's life. That knowledge is not a standardized test store, but is a force that touches a child's soul, and will impact that child not only now, but for years to come.

At Deep Blue Discoveries, we believe that children learn in numerous ways and through multiple intelligences; and, their learning becomes most effective when they are actively involved in the learning process. Through this active participation, they own the knowledge. Children, are by nature, active and inquisitive. When your child participates in a Deep Blue Discovery program, he or she becomes an explorer in a process of discovery that is educational fun.

Children are inherently happy, naturally creative, and have their own unique genius. Deep Blue Discoveries Classroom Program, Beach Program and Pool Program are uplifting and inspiring; providing a wonderful sense of attentiveness to each child that participates. Deep Blue Discoveries is here for your child to blossom.