Protecting CORAL REEFS

What You Can Do to Save Our Coral Reefs

Caring for the coral reefs is essential for the reefs, oceans, and our planet. And, there are simple steps that you can take right now to protect the reefs such as using recyclable shopping bags, energy efficient light bulbs, and recycling plastic, glass, and metals whenever you can. Just by taking actions such as these, you are making a profoundly positive statement in support of our environment.

Coral reefs are under great stress everywhere. Contribute to taking good care of our oceans and coral reefs by following these six essential guidelines:

  • Recycle  By recycling all items that we can, we are taking an important step in keeping physical and chemical pollutants out of our waterways.
  • Pick up Trash  Whenever you're near a waterway, take a few moments to collect plastic items to dispose in the refuse bin. Plastic decomposes slowly; marine animals either mistake plastics for food or are caught in it as they swim.
  • Reduce CO2 Levels  Be aware of the amount of carbon dioxide that we are placing in the atmosphere. There is a strong link between ocean acidification and excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientists are concerned that this acidification is having an adverse effect on the reefs.
  • Reduce Consumption of Over-Fished Species  Since coral reef ecosystems are being destroyed through over-fishing, it is always best to eat those species that can survive in sustainable numbers.
  • Carefully Monitor Runoff  Sediment from overdevelopment and chemical runoff harm coral reefs by damaging their ability to reproduce and feed.
  • Support  Support organizations that promote the preservation of reefs, our oceans, and our planet. Deep Blue Discoveries supports the Coral Reef Alliance.

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