Pool Program

How a Child’s World Can Be Easily Enriched

Our program is educational yet fun. It's designed to provide children with a sense of adventure and wonderment about local and not-so-local marine ecosystems; to help them understand the role of a marine ecosystem and its direct impact on peoples' lives; and to show them how science has real-life applications.

Your child will learn how a marine ecosystem works by actually building one. We'll teach snorkeling, present fun and educational pool games, and build a replica coral reef. Importantly, children will learn how to protect the aquatic environment. They'll practice thoughtful ocean stewardship, whereby they can take away specific actions that will help them to protect our waterways; all while exploring a breathtaking new world not far from home.

60-minute Program

Hosted at Various Resort Locations

Suitable for Ages 8-12

All pool programs include equipment rental and snorkeling instruction.