Our mission at Deep Blue Discoveries is to inspire children to explore our coral reefs, and through their increased understanding of this vital resource, to protect and care for them throughout their lives.

From an early age, I was encouraged to explore by my parents. We would travel to Cape Cod for our summer vacation and spend our days on Nauset Beach. One day, I donned a mask and snorkel, explored the underwater world of a nearby cove, and my life changed. Whenever I went on a vacation to a warm water destination, I always wanted to jump in the water and explore.

My love for the ocean was evident and my enthusiasm for coral reefs was magnified when I was scuba diving off a small island near Bonaire called Klein Bonaire. I was in approximately 12 feet of water and laid on the bottom of the bay swaying gently as did the corals; the tranquility inspired me to a new height of awareness.

This one day, and my greater appreciation of coral reefs, encouraged me to share my love for coral reefs with children and families. Importantly, my exploration inspired me to see the connections between the gratitude for and protection of a valued marine ecosystem. This created the vision for Deep Blue Discoveries; to encourage children and their families to explore coral reefs so they will be inspired to protect them now and for years to come.